Stephanie & Glen

October 13, 2019New York, NY

The Wedding

Sunday, October 13, 2019
Ceremony and Reception
Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

More details about the weekend coming soon to an Internet near you.

Wedding Party

Kaitlin - Maid of Honor

Steph's favorite sister. Lives in France. Loves her bunny.

Priyanka - Bridesmaid

Steph's former co-teacher. Also went to NYU, but they didn't know each other. Very crafty.

Melissa - Bridesmaid

Steph's NYU Carlyle Court RA friend. Flower child and musician. Will teach babies to jam.

Will - Bridesman

Glen's former roommate. Actor. More importantly, Patriots fan.

Sam - Bridesman

NYU Friend. Will's former roommate. Actor. He's just the best.

Jamie - Bridesmaid

Steph's NYU friend. Skirball is forever. Probably on a farm right now.

Chris - Bridesman

Steph's former RA and Residence Hall Council friend. Jersey boy through and through. Is a real doctor.

Brennan - Best Man

The first person Glen met at NYU and former roommate. Actor in San Francisico. Not the worst person you will meet.

Erika - Groomswoman

Glen's Wilmette Junior High friend. Fellow Pisces. Queen of the Nerds.

Lizzy - Groomswoman

Glen's Wilmette Junior High friend. Social Worker. Almost Southern.

Michael - Groomsman

NYU Friend. Poet, actor, manic pixie dreamboy. Currently lives in Seattle, is an enigma.

Peter - Groomsman

Glen's former roommate.Los Angeles based actor. Fairness based fantasy football commissioner.

Melanie - Groomswoman

Glen's cousin. Scott's sister. Helps kids speak good.

Scott - Groomsman

Glen's cousin. Melanie's brother. Legally drinks now.